In a Peer Advisory Group, a division of CBMC Leadership Institute, our mission is to reach business leaders right where they are and help them to become the leaders that God designed them to be, while building a business of excellence that glorifies God. As Chair – I am committed to providing 1-on-1 coaching and guiding Peer Advisory Groups of 8-12 Senior Business Leaders with a focus on identifying practical solutions in the marketplace, consistent with Biblical principles, guiding one another to best practices and excellent performance. 

Our Distinctives:

  • We focus on the “whole person”
  • We help business leaders live as “Marketplace Ambassadors”
  • We have a Great Commission focus
  • Serving leaders in the marketplace for over 80 years

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“My CBMC Leadership Institute peer advisory team connects me with similar Christ-centered business owners and senior executives who help me grow my business with a kingdom mindset. However, our development is not limited to business. It is invaluable to me as a business owner, having these other leaders encouraging and praying for me as I integrate my faith into all areas of my life.”

- Tim Bonnell, Jr. Owner/President, Aeris Insurance Solutions


“Your heart for men and ministry in the marketplace has had a direct impact on my life. I have been challenged spiritually in my own life and business due to CMBC. The relationships that I have made has completely changed my business and outlook on running a Godly business. As your aware, we have grown our relationship with Rick Betenbough, whom we met through CBMC. Rick has come alongside us to encourage us in our business and show us a new way of operations and marketplace ministry. Also, due to you and our relationship, we have come to know and now hire new team members that we are prayerful we can impact in a Godly way, and they can add value to our team. I am excited to see what God has next as we pursue him, and I am thankful for you and CBMC. It truly is a blessing.”

- Matt Mabe, Partner, Complete LLC


“I have been blessed to know and work with Gary – and I know you would be as well! Admittedly, I was fairly ‘content’ with my life and business, but – as most of us already know deep down – there was room for improvement… However, I was concerned about starting a coaching program – I thought it would be bigger than I was ready for, with a to-do list longer than I could implement. To my surprise, it was just the opposite! Gary listened well, understood my needs and tailored suggestions around my personality style – to fit my timetable. He is a godly man with an extensive amount of life and business experiences to draw from when providing counsel and he helped me to fill my cup, so that it can overflow into the lives of others. The encouragement and ideas I received to further integrate my faith it into my business and personal life was invaluable and with that type of person speaking into your life, it’s hard not to be blessed by it!!” 
– Jim Hanna, Topeka Business Owner


“The Leadership Institute Peer Group has been a monthly highlight! I have met other brothers who are living Christ as they lead their businesses. The friendship is so valuable, the Bible study and prayer enriching, and the host issue discussions are a time for real evaluation and growth.”

- Lamar Eby, Principal, Skyview Enterprises LLC


“The relationship with Gary and CBMC has been one of accountability and to help shoulder some of the many things that cross the responsibility of an owner—manager. Most of the info speaks directly to how to lead a successful God-honoring business that takes a stand for the Kingdom. It has been amazing how timely the information is and doing life with other business guys addressing similar situations is reassuring as someone walks beside you. CBMC and the connections I have made there have been a tremendous help to me on my journey.”

- Scott Strahm, Chairman, BLI Rentals


“For many years in my Christian walk, I considered myself a second-class Christian because I had a secular job and was not devoted to full-time ministry. Through the CBMC Leadership Team I am involved in, I have learned that God calls and anoints business men and women to serve Him full time in the secular arena of life. All that God gives us is to be used as a platform to serve and honor Him. In doing so, He can use us, our businesses, and the relationships that are developed along the way for His Kingdom purposes. CBMC is a great educational and connecting resource in developing a Kingdom-focused life.”

- Warren Harshman, President, Harshman Construction